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British Columbia Football Conference
British Columbia Football Conference

Okanagan Sun Alumni: Daylon Pommier

By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters), 01/11/17, 9:30AM PST


A four year defensive back who graduated following 2010

Photo courtesy of Bill Adams

Without a doubt he was a difference maker in the Okanagan Sun secondary until graduating from the program following the 2010 season.

Daylon Pommier was a versatile defensive back that patrolled the safety position in the latter stages of his junior career.    He was a hard hitter, never shying away from the physical side of the sport and loved to talk to whoever would listen on the field, getting under the oppositions skin.

Following his outstanding junior career the RSS grad travelled to Montreal to attend and play for the University of Concordia along with some familiar faces including Sun alum Paul Spencer, Max Caron, Brendan Urness and Matt Scheurwater

When he reflects on his time with the Sun, Pommier says the highlight of his career was making the lifelong friendships with the players he played with.  On the field it was his final game in the orange and brown; the 2010 BC Conference final at the Apple Bowl.  Thou the game ended in a heartbreaking loss (16-14) to the VI Raiders, it’s an experience Pommier will never forget.

Over the course of his four years, Pommier had many teammates but there were a few that stood out “I'd have to say the Beaton brothers (Danny and Daryl) Alex Law (Tommy Gun) Stephen Rutter (for knocking a guys helmet 10 feet off in the air) Cole Shade and Batgoof to name a few guys I will never forget playing with.”

His time with the Sun was four of the best years of his life, but would he do it all over again?  The hours of practice, the time spent watching film, traveling on the bus, rehabbing through injuries?   In a word, Pommier says “Absolutely.”

What advice does he have for new Sun defensive backs?  “Have a memory of a goldfish, don't get beat deep and watch film.”

Pommier says playing with the Sun in the CJFL taught him many valuable lessons. “Junior football made me work collectively with a bunch of different guys for a common goal. It teaches young people how to tolerate and respect other humans even if you don't agree or even like them which is a great skill to have in life.   I also came out of junior ball with some lifelong connections. I still consider some of the most important people in my life the ones I shared the battlefield with.”

Daylon Pommier is a proud Okanagan Sun alumni.