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British Columbia Football Conference
British Columbia Football Conference

CCES Drug Program Guidelines

If you have completed the CCES online course previously:

Please use the login information you previously created.

Cannot remember your username? Try your email address.
Use The “FORGOT PASSWORD” function to retrieve your Password if you have forgotten it.

Contact the CCES if you have forgotten your login information.


Please use this link to Login:

If you are taking the CCES online course for the first time

Please follow this link HERE
Copy and paste the key and password below into the appropriate text boxes and press SUBMIT.
Enrollment Key: OaSun2016
Password: PFEKanyM

1. You will be prompted to enter your name and your email address. Your email address will become your USERNAME.
2. Enter a password that you will remember.
3. Log in with your Username and Password.
4. Go to  “MY COURSES”
5. You must complete the “PROFILE” module before you can start the course.
6. Return to “MY COURSES” to begin the course.

If you return at a later date to start training or to continue a partially completed course, you must log in with your unique username and password. If you use the enrollment key again you will be creating a duplicate account and will have to start your training from the beginning.

If you have trouble logging in please contact the CCES for assistance.
1-613-521-3340 Ext 3226 or 1-800-672-7775

You can also contact Royce Hetherington at
Or Phone 250-764-1909