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2008 forward coming soon!


2nd Place
7-3 (1-1 Play offs)
MVP Jeremy Levy
Top Rookie Chris Burleigh
Head Coach Jay Christensen
Sun 5 Vancouver Island Raiders 28 (Away)
Sun 30 Vancouver Trojans 29 (Away)
Sun 21 Big Kahuna Rams 13 (Home)
Sun 40 Vancouver Trojans 3 (Home)
Sun 26 Kamloops Broncos 0 (Away)
Sun 36 Chilliwack Huskers 10 (Home)
Sun 19 Victoria Rebels 20 (Home)
Sun 14 Victoria Rebels 10 (Away)
Sun 32 Big Kahuna Rams 10 (Away)
Sun 6 Vancouver Island Raiders 25 (Home)
Sun 30 Victoria Rebels 15 (Home) BCFC Semi Final
Sun 27 Vancouver Island Raiders 33 (Away) BCFC Championship


2nd Place
7-3 (1-1 play-offs)
MVP Carlos Guglielemi
Top Rookie Spencer Wilson
Head Coach Jay Christensen
Sun 36 Vancouver Trojans 14 (away)
Sun 50 Abbotsford Airforce 8 (away)
Sun 44 Victoria Rebels 3 (away)
Sun 14 Vancouver Island Raiders 18 (away)
Sun 23 Big Kahuna Rams 24 (away)
Sun 18 Vancouver Island Raiders 31 (home)
Sun 42 Chilliwack Huskers 0 (Home)
Sun 72 Vancouver Trojans 6 (Home)
Sun 55 Victoria Rebels 21 (Home)
Sun 51 Big Kahuna Rams 2 (Home)
Sun 35 Big Kahuna Rams 14 (Home) BCFC Semi Final
Sun 28 Vancouver Island Raiders 42 (Away) BCFC Championship


1st Place
8-2-0 (1-1 play-offs)
MVP Billy McConkey / Sal Borhot
Top Rookie Reed Alexander
Scoring Leader Jeremy Levy
Head Coach Jay Christensen

Sun 28 Vancouver Trojans 25 (away)
Sun 24 Vancouver Island Raiders 6 (away)
Sun 25 South Fraser Rams 32 (home)
Sun 63 Abotsford Airforce 10 (home)
Sun 30 Abbotsford Airforce 13 (away)
Sun 66 Chilliwack Huskers 0 (away)
Sun 68 Victoria Rebels 7 (home)
Sun 23 Vancouver Island Raiders 25 (home)
Sun 42 Vancouver Trojans 35 (home)
Sun 25 South Fraser Rams 18 (away)
Sun 42 Vancouver Trojans 21 (home) BCFC Semi Final
Sun 27 South Fraser Rams 31 (home) BCFC Championship


1st Place
(3-1 play-offs)
MVP Jeff Halvorson
Top Rookie James Moran
Scoring Leader Jason Cook
Head Coach Jay Christensen
Cruising along at 5-0, the Sun hosted archrival Victoria Rebels in a Saturday night game. Both clubs sat with identical records, this game would go a long way to securing home field advantage throughout the play offs. In a hard hitting affair the Sun came out on top 18-6, led by the tenacious Sun defense that continued to shut down opponents, and the all around play of Jeff Halvorson, who finished with 190 all purpose yards and a touchdown. The following Wednesday afternoon, the CJFL released its weekly national award winners and Jeff was named the top offensive player in the country for the week. Hours later, he was gone. These were the worst of times.

The hours, days, and weeks that followed, though painful, will in a way, over time, be remembered by Jeff's teammates as the best of times. How they would deal with an unfathomable situation will forge memories they will never forget. Experiences, though difficult at the time, will form part of their lives that will shape these young men forever. We have included some for you�

The run down following practice that night, Sun offensive line coach Paul Carson and GM Les Weiss sit across the field on a golf cart talking about the previous win over Victoria. They can see a player go down, from this distance away they are unsure who it is. Les winces, "Oh no, that's Halvorson", thinking it to be perhaps nothing more than a turned ankle. They can see what looks like CPR being performed. Carson says, "That doesn't look good." Les later says he must have stood in a daze for some time over what he was seeing, as he has not yet walked the 60 yards or so to the commotion when an ambulance arrives.

Later at the hospital, Jeff's teammates wait for word when running back coach Don Richmond comes from receiving news from the doctors. His tears tell the story before he shakes his head. The Sun players deal with a moment that is a very real and normal part of life. They though, have the gift of doing it as a team. They of course don't think of it at the time, but Jeff had given them a gift of a bond that no number of wins or losses could duplicate. Sun pastor Perry Stang meets with Sun players at Kelowna General Hospital. Jeff's daughter Cheyne is among Jeff's grieving teammates, thankfully she is too young to understand why.

The next night, the players meet at the Apple Bowl clubhouse to discuss playing the second half of the home and away set with Victoria that is to take place in just two days time. They meet in their position groups then come together as a team to discuss what they had decided. Typical male bravado prevails and they decide to play the game "for Jeff". One of the leaders of the team, offensive lineman Chris Morrison then speaks up for the first time after observing quietly for the past half hour or so. In his booming voice, he lets the players know in no uncertain terms that yes, Jeff would want them to play the game, but he would want them to win. That this wasn't a movie where everything would "just work out". That the team wasn't emotionally ready and that losing two points wasn't the issue. That they were better off forfeiting than risk losing a game that they had just placed so much pressure on them selves to win. The players choose not to play the game, and the Rebels players subsequently agree they also do not wish to play as they too are shaken by what has happened. Two of Jeff's high school teammates, linebacker Brian Ridgeway and running back Jaiden Smith are key members of the Rebels roster.

On Friday, the players and coaches return to the practice field for the first time. Jeff's parents Don and Wendy have arrived from Grande Prairie and are there to greet them. It's a much quieter practice than usual at first, but eventually the players are laughing and telling the odd joke. Occasionally one glances over to the spot where Jeff fell two days earlier.

Just as the team is making arrangements to travel to Sylvan Lake for the funeral, Don Halvorson tells the team Jeff will be buried in Kelowna. Leah wants him to stay where they had planned to spend their lives.

Saturday night, the evening they had been slated to play in Victoria, the Sun organization hosts a team BBQ for the players, girlfriends and Jeff's family. Over a hundred people crowded into a house obviously suited for much less than that. Neighbors look out, startled a bit by the rush of cars. They might have complained about the mass of cars until they realize the occasion. They players stop at the front door to look at a picture that had been taken that afternoon in Ottawa. The Ottawa Junior Riders and St. Leonard Cougars circled together before their game in a moment of silence. The importance of team sports is never more evident than now.

Following Jeff's funeral, police escort leads a long procession to Kelowna Memorial Cemetery. Pedestrians and drivers along the route stop to observe the spectacle. This polite young man who was already talked about for his exploits on the field is now becoming a part of the cities history. At the graveside service, the club's new receiver, Matt Lambros arrives from the airport. He meets his new teammates for the first time here. He had obtained his release from the Calgary Colts the night Jeff died and had been awaiting a call from Sun head coach Jay Christensen. When it didn't arrive, he thought perhaps the club wasn't interested in his services, unaware of what had unfolded.

Jeff is buried in plot #34, overlooking the Apple Bowl.

The Sun and Rebels meet in Victoria about a week later to make up the game that had been missed earlier. At half time Rebels (now Vancouver Island Raiders) President Hadi Abbasi and Sun President Bob Lindsay announce a joint scholarship the Raiders have developed that will rotate annually between a Sun and Raiders player. Two Raiders, Brian Ridgeway and Jaiden Smith had served as pallbearer's days earlier. These rival teams share a bond.

Late in the game, two Sun players dive on a fumble deep in Victoria territory. The ball flies out of the pile and into the arms of Jeff's best friend on the team, defensive lineman Jeff Swaan, who rumbles into the end zone to secure the win. He insists #34 handed him the ball on that one!

After capturing the BCFC title weeks later with a 25-14 win over Victoria, the club hosts the St. Leonard Cougars of Montreal in the national semi-final. The Cougars player's spats and wristbands are adorned with #34. Sun win the game 24-7.

At the Canadian Bowl in Edmonton, a 24-7 loss to the Edmonton Huskies, Jeff's high school coach from Grande Prairie addresses the team before the game. He relates his last conversation with Jeff, the day following his last game. He tells them how much Jeff thought of them all.

Immediately following the Canadian Bowl, Sun players form a circle on the field at Commonwealth Stadium, led by team captain and spiritual leader Dustin Patzer. He reminds his teammates that this season will remain with them forever and that they are brothers.

Arriving back from Edmonton the following day, the players as is tradition, sign the concrete ceiling of the Apple Bowl clubhouse before they leave. This time though, some players also sign a single locker. A locker that is expected to remain empty until the last of Jeff's current teammates has graduated.

While the spirit of Jeff Halvorson will forever define the 2004 season, the determination, will, and heart of his teammates should not be forgotten. On the field they played like champions, off it they were as fine young men as you will meet. There were many high-lights of the seasons that can be mentioned: Jeff Halvorson was the un-deniable first MVP of the first half of the season, but in his absence, James Green made the move to his backfield spot and carried the offense on his back while he re-learned a position he had not played since high school. Our young QB, Billy McConkey battled for, and earned the starters job mid season, playing like a 4-year veteran in the semi final game against St. Leonard. The Sun defense by committee, that didn't allow a touchdown until past the mid-point of the season. Has this club ever had a "d" as good as that?

Following the season, we said good-bye to some outstanding graduating players. Defensive lineman Jordan Fast retuned to the Winnipeg winters he hated so much, leaving 4 all- star seasons in his wake. Defensive lineman Matt Lammerding who joined us for one amazing season from the University of Saskatchewan. Offensive lineman Chris Morrison joined the University of Calgary after three seasons. It seemed like only yesterday he was our rookie of the year. Offensive lineman Sean Koslowsky went back to Winnipeg to suit up for the Bisons, a great competitor on and off the field. Corner Darby Ray, retired from junior football as one of our best ever "ball-hawks". Defensive backs Nnamdi Metu and Michael Pearson also moved on.

2005 and the seasons that follow will prove to be a little less eventful for the Okanagan Sun, more football and less heartache for sure. We will welcome that, but we will never, ever forget 2004


Sun 26 Vancouver Trojans 7 (home)
Sun 42 South Fraser Rams 0 (away)
Sun 66 Tri City Bulldawgs 0 (away)
Sun 70 Chilliwack Huskers 7 (away)
Sun 63 Abbotsford Airforce 10 (away)
Sun 18 Victoria Rebels 6 (home)
Sun 53 Tri City Bulldawgs 6 (home)
Sun 31 Victoria Rebels 13 (away)
Sun 51 Chilliwack Huskers 7 (home)
Sun 46 South Fraser Rams 9 (home)
Sun 39 Vancouver Trojans 7 (home) BCFC Semi Final
Sun 25 Victoria Rebels 14 (home) BCFC Championship
Sun 24 St. Leonard Cougars 7 (home) Intergold Championship
Sun 7 Edmonton Huskies 24 (away) Canadian Bowl


1st Place
(1-1 play-offs)
MVP Jeff Halvorson / James Green
Top Rookie Jordan Wevers
Scoring Leader Jason Cook
Head Coach Jay Christensen
An undefeated regular season saw the club go largely untested. A bit of over-confidence in the BCFC final, coupled with a great game plan by Victoria ended the 8- year run atop the BCFC.

Sun 30 Chilliwack huskers 14 (away)
Sun 51 Tri City Bulldawgs 12 (home)
Sun 48 Vancouver Trojans 0 (away)
Sun 44 South Fraser Rams 13 (away)
Sun 37 Victoria Rebels 16 (home)
Sun 57 Abbotsford Airforce 0 (away)
Sun 38 Chilliwack Huskers 7 (home)
Sun 24 Victoria Rebels 24 (away)
Sun 41 South Fraser Rams 7 (home)
Sun 67 Kamloops Cowboys 3 (home)
Sun 65 Tri City Bulldawgs 3 (home) BCFC Semi Final
Sun 0 Victoria Rebels 20 (home) BCFC Championship


1st Place
10-0-0 (2-1 play-offs)
MVP Jeff Schieman
Top Rookie Aaron English
Scoring Leader Jason Cook
Head Coach Jay Christensen
A season that exceeded expectations as a club in rebuild mode, lead by first year head coach Jay Christensen went undefeated in BCFC play before getting hammered by the Hilltops in Saskatoon. Jeff Schieman graduated after establishing new career marks in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving TDS.


Sun 21 Victoria Rebels 10 (home)
Sun 14 Abbotsford Airforce 1 (away)
Sun 62 Vancouver Trojans 2 (home)
Sun 31 South Fraser Rams 23 (away)
Sun 34 Chilliwack Huskers 14 (away)
Sun 38 Abbotsford Airforce (home)
Sun 27 Chilliwack Huskers 11 (home)
Sun 46 Kamloops Cowboys 8 (away)
Sun 31 Tri City Bulldawgs 17 (home)
Sun 24 Tri City Bulldawgs 14 (away)
Sun 21 Chilliwack Huskers 16 (home) BCFC Semi Final
Sun 21 Victoria Rebels 1 (home) BCFC Championship
Sun 9 Saskatoon Hilltops 55 (away) Western Canadian Championship


1st Place
8-2-0 (3-1 play-offs)
MVP Stew Vanderheide
Top Rookie Matt McDonald
Scoring Leader Steve Durk
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy
A revolving door at QB to try and replace Silverman who graduated in 2000. Ryan Perverseff joined the Sun from Abbotsford to battle Jonathan "Utah" Spencer, before leaving for Surrey prior to the first game when the writing was on the wall that Spencer would be the starter. Ryan would return to the club after Spencer blew his knee in the opening game against Abbotsford. Perverseff enjoyed his first action with a winning team and lit up the conference, being named the loop's top QB. Despite falling behind 21-0, the Sun stormed back to defeat Chilliwack in the BC championship. After defeating the St Leonard Cougars in Montreal in the national semi-final, the Sun was crushed by a hungry Hilltop team in the Canadian Bowl
Sun 51 Abbotsford Airforce 12 (away)

Sun 45 Vancouver Trojans 0 (away)

Sun 16 South Fraser Rams 19 (home)

Sun 72 Kamloops Cowboys 0 (home)

Sun 48 Chilliwack Huskers 14 (away)

Sun 44 Victoria Rebels 21 (away)

Sun 68 Abbotsford Airforce 0 (home)

Sun 35 Tri City Bulldawgs 14 (away)

Sun 41 Chilliwack Huskers 7 (home)

Sun 22 Victoria Rebels 29 (home)

Sun 20 South Fraser Rams 13 (home) BCFC Semi Final

Sun 39 Chilliwack Huskers 21 (home) BCFC Championship

Sun 27 St. Leonard Cougars 7 (away) Intergold Championship

Sun 11 Saskatoon Hilltops 45 (away) Canadian Bowl


1st Place
(3-0 play-offs)
MVP Zack Silverman
Top Rookie Chris Morrison / Pete Groetienberg
Scoring Leader Adam Eckert
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy

Apple Bowl fans got their money's worth in this dream season. One of the most talented offenses the BCFC will ever see as QB Zack Silverman established a CJFL single season passing record along with a talented trio of receivers Adam Eckert, Aaron David and Jeff Schieman, aided by the power running of Stew Vanderheide. Defensively, a stifling group of twelve lead by line backer Ryan Folk and a supporting cast including line backer Ryan Schieman, and defensive backs Doug Hartle, Jared Hoover, and Kory Weiss made life frustrating for opposing offenses. The Sun season appeared over in the BCFC championship as the team trailed the Rebels by 18 points in the third quarter before staging an incredible comeback and winning in overtime. The Canadian Bowl against the Hilltops was another classic, locked up as defensive back Dax Olafson came up with a game saving interception in the dying seconds. Silverman captured the teams 3rd CJFL offensive player of the year award in the past 4 seasons

Sun 37 Vancouver Trojans 7 (away)

Sun 66 Chilliwack Huskers 7 (home)

Sun 20 South Fraser Rams 27 (away)

Sun 33 Victoria Rebels 17 (home)

Sun 30 Abbotsford Airforce 22 (away)

Sun 64 Abbotsford Airforce 31 (home)

Sun 34 Tri City Bulldawgs 17 (home)

Sun 29 South Fraser Rams 19 (home)

Sun 28 Victoria Rebels 18 (away)

Sun 48 Tri City Bulldawgs 0 (away)

Sun 43 Chilliwack Huskers 13 (home) BCFC Semi Final

Sun 43 Victoria Rebels 18 (home) BCFC Championship

Sun 36 Saskaton Hilltops 28 (home) Canadian Bowl


1st Place

(3-1 play-offs)
MVP Zack Silverman / Ryan Schieman / Jeremy White
Top Rookie Dusty Caragata
Scoring Leader Kevin Snell
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy

Lawrence Nagy returned as head coach, bringing with him Jay Christensen to coordinate the offence as a new era in Sun history began. The Victoria Rebels were the latest competition in BC, but were still a step or two away from challenging. After a thrilling 18-15 win over the Hilltops in the western final, the club headed for a rematch with the AKO of Windsor. Another exciting Canadian Bowl that came down to the wire.

Sun 19 South Fraser Rams 14 (away)

Sun 0 Abbotsford Airforce 30 (away)

Sun 45 Abbotsford Airforce 11 (home)

Sun 62 Vancouver Trojans 12 (home)

Sun 36 Chilliwack Huskers 14 (away)

Sun 28 Vancouver Trojans 26 (away)

Sun 44 Tri City Bulldawgs 11 (home)

Sun 30 South Fraser Rams 19 (home)

Sun 26 Victoria Rebels 18 (away)

Sun 10 Victoria Rebels 10 (home)

Sun 25 South Fraser Rams 14 (Home) BCFC Semi Final

Sun 50 Victoria Rebels 22 (Home) BCFC Championship

Sun 18 Saskatoon Hilltops 16 (Home) Western Canadian Championship

Sun 29 Windosr AKO Fratmen 32 (away) Canadian Bowl


1st PLace

(3-1 play-offs)
MVP Terrance Huston
Top Rookie James Seely
Scoring Leader Ryan Mauch
Head Coach Cal Nesdoly

The Sun walked through the BCFC, and for the first time would host an Ontario opponent in inter-conference play as the Windsor AKO Fratmen came to town for a game that saw the Sun come out on top 27-10. The club ventured to Regina's Taylor Field for the Canadian Bowl, and when the Ram's opening kick-off sailed through the end- zone it was a sign of things to come. Terrance Huston capped off an amazing 4 year career, being name the CJFL Outstanding Offensive Player. Cal Nesdoly resigned following two seasons as head coach.

Sun 28 Vancouver Trojans 6 (away)
Sun 19 Abbotsford Airforce 10 (home)
Sun 28 Tri City Bulldawgs 0 (away)
Sun 30 Victoria Rebels 14 (away)
Sun 15 Surrey Rams 10 (away)
Sun 20 Abbotsford Airforce 17 (away)
Sun 26 Vancouver Trojans 0 (home)
Sun 44 Tri City Bulldawgs 0 (home)
Sun 15 Victoria Rebels 24 (home)
Sun 44 Surrey Rams 34 (home)
Sun 31 Surrey rams 7 (home) (BCFC Semi Final
Sun 41 Abbotsford Airforce 10 (home) BCFC Championship
Sun 27 Windsor AKO Fratmen 10 (home) Intergold Championship
Sun 13 Regina Rams 36 (away) Canadian Bowl


1st Place

(2-1 play-offs)
MVP Ronnie Arnold / Dave Scherck / Mike Letendre
Top Rookie Dounia Whitehouse
Scoring Leader Derek Korstrom
Head Coach Cal Nesdoly

The overpowering Sun offense got better, as running back Ron Arnold came west after the PFC's Winnipeg Hawkeyes folded. The defense meanwhile, lead by Mike Letendre, Eric Duchene, two-way Terrance, and 2nd year defensive backs Ryan Folk terrorized offenses. One of the greatest football games one can ever hope to witness, as the Sun came back from a 17-3 halftime deficit before falling in overtime in the Canadian Bowl. Ron Arnold was named the CJFL Outstanding Offensive Player the eve of the game and the top offensive player of the Canadian Bowl in a losing cause

Sun 60 Vancouver Island Sharks 0 (home)
Sun 55 Vancouver Trojans 0 (away)
Sun 35 Abbotsford Airforce 15 (away)
Sun 61 Tri City Bulldawgs 12 (home)
Sun 28 Surrey Rams 9 (away)
Sun 31 Vancouver Trojans 1 (home)
Sun 37 Abbotsford Airforce 16 (home)
Sun 55 Tri City Bulldawgs 0 (away)
Sun 31 Surrey Rams 3 (home)
Sun 64 Vancouver Island Sharks 0 (away)
Sun 45 Surrey Rams 0 (home) BCJFA Semi Final
Sun 35 Abbotsford Airforce 21 (home) BCJFA Championship
Sun 20 Regina Rams 23 (home) Canadian Bowl


1st Place

(2-1 play-offs)
MVP Ken Vermette
Top Rookie Eric Duchene
Scoring Leader Jason Atwood
Head Coach Darren Brezden
Season two of a long run atop the BCFC as a deep offense lead by the Korstrom twins, QB Greg & receiver Derek, along with running backs Ken Vermette, Dave Scherck and the multi talented Terrance Huston owned the conference. A new kid arrived to challenge the club for conference bragging rights, but the Air Force were not as talented as past Ram teams. Vermette would establish a club single season rushing record, only to blow his knee in practice two days before the BC final. A whale of a western final that went down to the final gun before the dreaded prairie curse continued. Darren Brezden resigned following a successful 4 year run as head coach

Sun 52 Vancouver Island Sharks 14 (away)

Sun 10 Abbotsford Airforce 14 (home)

Sun 23 Surrey Rams 1 (away)

Sun 36 Tri City Bulldawgs 10 (away)

Sun 56 Vancouver Trojans 9 (home)

Sun 45 Abotsford Airforce 7 (away)

Sun 53 Vancouver Island Sharks 10 (home)

Sun 29 Surrey Rams 2 (home)

Sun 31 Vancouver Trojans 0 (away)

Sun 46 Tri City Bulldawgs 0 (home)

Sun 61 Vancouver Island Sharks 3 (home) BCJFA Semi Final

Sun 30 Abbotsford Airforce 15 (home) BCJFA Championship

Sun 21 Saskatoon Hilltops 28 (away) Western Canadian Final


1st Place
2-1 play-offs

MVP Jermaine Haley
Top Rookie Jon Kooy
Scoring Leader Jason Atwood
Head Coach Darren Brezden

The frustrations of the past three seasons were rewarded as the Sun not only finally wrestled the crown away from Surrey, but handled them with ease in 2 regular season games before a scare in the BC final. The storied Regina Rams appeared at the Apple Bowl and the game was a stunner that saw over 800 yards of offence evenly split by the two teams


Sun 32 Abbotsford Airforce 10 (away)

Sun 55 Vancouver Island Sharks 10 (home)

Sun 54 Surrey Rams 29 (home)

Sun 68 Tri City Bulldawgs 6 (away)

Sun 35 Vancouver Trojans 10 (away)

Sun 32 Surrey Rams 10 (away)

Sun 59 Vancouver Island Sharks (away)

Sun 72 Vancouver Trojans 0 (home)

Sun 32 Abotsford Airforce 6 (home)

Sun 25 Tri City Bulldawgs 0 (home)

Sun 62 Vancouver Trojans 13 (home) BCFC Semi Final

Sun 13 Surrey Rams 1 (home) BCFC Championship

Sun 8 Regina Rams 11 (home) Western Canadian Final


2nd Place
1-1 play-offs

MVP Stewart Scherck
Top Rookie Jamie Klassen
Scoring Leader Jason Atwood
Head Coach Darren Brezden

Huge off-season news as the leagues top player, Jermaine Haley defected from the Rams to join us. At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, the rest of the conference was nothing more than a minor annoyance as the Sun and Rams headed for another collision in the title game. Monsoon-like conditions as the rain never stopped in Surrey and the Sun fell in a classic defensive, element affected game


Sun 7 Abbotsford Airforce 12 (home)
Sun 3 Surrey Rams 42 (away)
Sun 7 Vancouver Trojans 5 (away)
Sun 59 Vancouver Island Sharks 17 (home)
Sun 14 Coquitlam Meralomas 11 (away)
Sun 24 Abbotsford Airforce 9 (away)
Sun 20 Vancouver Island Sharks 1 (away)
Sun 39 Vancouver Trojans 0 (home)
Sun 40 Coquitlam Meralomas 9 (home)
Sun 40 Surrey Rams 27 (home)
Sun 37 Abbotsford Airforce 7 (home) BCJFA Semi Final
Sun 9 Surrey Rams 10 (Away) BCJFA Championship


1st Place
1-1 play-offs

MVP Jason Crumb
Top Rookie Brian Leusink
Scoring Leader Jason Atwood
Head Coach Darren Brezden

The club got back on track, or so it appeared as again the Sun and Rams beat on the rest of the conference with ease. Okanagan also easily handled the Rams in the regular season to earn home field advantage in the BC championship, but lessons were learned in how not to motivate an opponent. Some Sun player comments that appeared in the morning paper were less then complimentary about the Rams ability, seemingly serving to poke the Rams like a stick at a hornet nest
Sun 27 Vancouver Trojans 9 (away)
Sun 28 Surrey Rams 28 (home)
Sun 37 Victoria Payless 21 (home)
Sun 21 Abbotsford Airforce 9 (away)
Sun 26 Surrey Rams 24 (away)
Sun 37 Victoria Payless 3 (away)
Sun 37 Abbotsford Airforce 17 (home)
Sun 43 Vancouver Trojans 20 (home)
Sun 25 Coquitlam Meralomas 4 (home)
Sun 50 Vancouver Trojans 7 (away)
Sun 49 Victoria Payless 15 (home) BCJFA Semi Final
Sun 7 Surrey Rams 31 (home) BCJFA Championship


2nd Place

1-1 play-offs
MVP Chad Folk
Top Rookie
Scoring Leader Noel Chipman
Head Coach Rod Outhwaite
The BCJFA continued to be a two-team race as the Sun and Rams continually hammered their competition while providing each other their only real tests. The season ended quietly for the Sun in Surrey in a season that fell well short of pre-season expectations. Noel Chipman graduated as the clubs all-time leading rusher following the season

Sun 61 Renfrew Trojans 7 (home)
Sun 14 Surrey Rams 14 (away)
Sun 62 Victoria Payless 7 (home)
Sun 72 Coquitlam Meralomas 8 (away)
Sun 34 Abbotsford Airforce 7 (home)
Sun 1 Richmond Raiders 0 (FF)
Sun 24 Victoria Payless 11 (away)
Sun 28 Coquitlam Meralomas (away)
Sun 50 Victoria Payless 0 (home) BCJFA Semi Final
Sun 0 Surrey Rams 21 (away) BCJFA Championship


2nd Place
2-1 play-offs
MVP Scott Borowsky
Top Rookie
Scoring Leader Tony Lindsay
Head Coach Rod Outhwaite

Part two of the Sun/Rams rivalry as the rest of the BCJFA could only watch these two talented teams go to war with each other. Two of the very best teams the conference would ever see in the championship game battled as the Sun came out on top at Bear Creek Park lead by their new coach from the prairies, Rod Outhwaite. The Sun fell behind early at Gordie Howe Bowl, and while they offered a spirited comeback, it fell short on the prairies.

Sun 26 Surrey Rams 31 (away)

Sun 46 Victoria Payless 0 (home)

Sun 60 Richmond Raiders 3 (home)

Sun 87 Abbotsford Airforce 0 (away)

Sun 50 Renfrew Trojans 8 (away)

Sun 58 Coquitlam Meralomas 8 (away)

Sun 49 Coquitlam Meralomas 7 (home)

Sun 24 Surrey Rams 23 (home)

Sun 48 Victoria Payless 6 (home) BCJFA Semi Final

Sun 17 Surrey Rams 11 (away) BCJFA Championship

Sun 27 Saskaton Hilltops 42 (away) West Final


2nd Place
1-1 play-offs
The Sun was still a power in the BCJFA, but a new kid arrived on the block. After serving as nothing more than a nuisance the past two seasons, the Surrey Rams caused a big headache in the BC title game, ending three seasons of conference titles for the Sun. In the process, they helped create a rivalry that would keep football fans on their seats for years to come. The first Lawrence Nagy era ended as he resigned weeks after the BC final.

MVP Shane Sommerfeld
Top Rookie Scott Borowsky
Scoring Leader Noel Chipman
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy

Sun 49 Victoria Payless 23 (away)

Sun 15 Surrey Rams 27 (away)

Sun 46 Abbotsford Airforce 3 (home)

Sun 16 Vancouver Meralomas (home)

Sun 43 Renfrew Trojans 7 (away)

Sun 21 Richmond Raiders 11 (home)

Sun 70 Renfrew Trojans 7 (home)

Sun 26 Richmond Raiders 17 (away)

Sun 31 Richmond Raiders 7 (home) BCJFA semi Final

Sun 13 Surrey Rams 31 (away) BCJFA Championship


1st Place
2-1 play-offs
MVP Trevor Bannatyne
Top Rookie
Scoring Leader Tony Lindsay
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy
Domination of the BCJFA carried over and the team enjoyed its first unbeaten/untied regular season. Travelling to Winnipeg Stadium, the coaches felt very confident after viewing film of the Winnipeg team. Film can be misleading though, as the season came to a crashing halt, assisted in part by a howling wind which slowed the Sun's vaunted passing attack. A huge Hawkeye running back by the name of Mike Connor kept the defense on it's heels


Sun 32 Abbotsford Airforce 0 (home)
Sun 24 Vancouver Meralomas 14 (home)
Sun 17 Victoria Payless 16 (away)
Sun 37 Surrey Rams 23 (away)
Sun 30 Richmond Raiders 14 (home)
Sun 28 Richmond Raiders 0 (away)
Sun 27 Renfrew Trojans 17 (home)
Sun 28 Victoria Payless 7 (home)
Sun 32 Vancouver Meralomas 17 (home) BCJFA Semi Final
Sun 41 Richmond Raiders 11 (home) BCJFA Championship
Sun 10 Winnipeg Hawkeyes 19 (away) West semi-final


1st Place
8 games, 7 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie
4-0 play-offs
MVP Shane Brezden
Top Rookie Darcy Kilba
Scoring Leader Rick Holmes
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy


Sun 18 Richmond Raiders 18 (home)
Sun 16 Abbotsford Airforce 13 (away)
Sun 56 Victoria Payless 26 (home)
Sun 37 Vancouver Meralomas 17 (away)
Sun 36 Surrey Rams 0 (away)
Sun 18 Renfrew Trojans 16 (away)
Sun 53 Vancouver Meralomas 29 (home)
Sun 59 Surray Rams 0 (home)
Sun 35 Vancouver Meralomas 7 (home) BCJFA Semi-Final
Sun 42 Richmond Raiders 7 (home) BCJFA Championship
Sun 35 Saskatoon Hilltops 21 (home) Western Canadian Championship
Sun 50 Burlington Jr Tigercats 0 (away) Armadale Cup


1st Place
10 games, 8 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie
2-1 play-offs
MVP Shane Brezden
Top Rookie Greg Fortnum
Scoring Leader Rick Holmes
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy
An outstanding season, highlighted by an incredible comeback in the BC championship at the Apple Bowl. A powerful offense, lead by a new Brezden QB, (Shane), and a supporting cast including future pros Spencer McLennen, Dave Pitcher and Corrie Lang lit up the conference. An undersize and injured offensive line proved the Achilles heel in Regina


Sun 7 Victoria Payless 17 (away)
Sun 16 Vancouver Meralomas 3 (away)
Sun 36 Abbotsford Airforce 10 (away)
Sun 44 Renfrew Trojans 21 (home)
Sun 13 Richmond Raiders 13 (away)
Sun 30 Abbotsford Airforce 9 (home)
Sun 36 Richmond Raiders 22 (home)
Sun 27 Victoria Payless 21 (home)
Sun 34 Vancouver Meralomas 18 (home)
Sun 30 Renfrew Trojans 15 (away)
Sun 41 Vancouver Meralomas 12 (home) BCJFA Semi-Final
Sun 18 Richmond Raiders 17 (home) BCJFA Championship
Sun 23 Regina Rams 43 (away) Western Canadian Championship


2nd Place
8 games, 6 wins, 2 losses
1-1 play-offs

MVP Darren Brezden
Top Rookie Trevor Bannatyne
Scoring Leader Brent Chuhaniuk
Head Coach Lawrence Nagy

This was the year the club hired Lawrence Nagy as head coach. Lawrence coached the linebackers in 1985. As head coach, he immediately began to put his stamp on the team, including focusing on northern Alberta as a key recruiting ground. A key pick up was a QB from the University of Alberta, Darren Brezden.

Sun 57 Victoria Payless 12 (home)

Sun 29 Vancouver Meralomas 4 (away)

Sun 34 Renfrew Trojans 6 (home)

Sun 10 Richmond Raiders 31 (away)

Sun 37 Victoria Payless 15 (away)

Sun 25 Vancouver Meralomas 3 (home)

Sun 29 Renfrew Trojans 0 (away)

Sun 10 Richmond Raiders 31 (home)

Sun 15 Vancouver Meralomas 6 (home) BCJFA Semi-Final

Sun 8 Richmond Raiders 46 (away) BCJFA Championship


3rd Place
Regular Season Record
8 games, 5 wins, 3 losses
0-1 play-offs
MVP Jay Christensen
Top Rookie Glen Nagy
Scoring Leader Jay Christensen
The hangover of financial struggles from 1984 continued for the board of directors, while on the gridiron, the club limped through a 5-3 regular season. This was the final season for local receiver Jay Christensen who would move on as the team all time leading receiver as he prepared for a long and successful pro career.

Sun 25 Renfrew Trojans 8 (away)

Sun 37 Victoria Payless 14 (away)

Sun 27 Vancouver Meralomas 14 (home)

Sun 15 Richmond Raiders 17 (home)

Sun 48 Renfrew Trojans 9 (home)

Sun 4 Vancouver Meralomas 27 (away)

Sun 35 Victoria Payless 24 (home)

Sun 0 Richmond Raiders 32 (away)

Sun 3 Vancouver Meralomas 12 (away) BCJFA Semi Final


2nd Place
Regular Season Record
9 games, 7 wins, 2 losses
1-1 play-offs
MVP Al Walls / Gary Handley / Jay Christensen
Top Rookie Todd Hoffbeck / Roger Hennig
Scoring Leader Brent Chuhaniuk

If 1983 was a year that appeared to take the Sun to "the next level", 1984 was one of some controversy that would test the young club. The loss of some executive members and also some key corporate support provided financial hurdles. On the field, the club was again strong, but fell against a powerful Richmond team. Following the season, the sudden death of alumnus Roger Leroux (1982-1983) was a tragedy that put an on field loss in perspective.

Sun 13 Richmond Raiders 14 (home)

Sun 38 Vancouver Meralomas 14 (away)

Sun 55 Renfrew Trojans 1 (home)

Sun 16 Richmond Raiders 26 (away)

Sun 55 Vancouver Meralomas 1 (home)

Sun 32 Renfrew Trojans 0 (away)

Sun 34 Richmond Raiders 4 (home)

Sun 35 Vancouver Meralomas 15 (away)

Sun 24 Renfrew Trojans 3 (home)

Sun 43 Vancouver Meralomas 6 (home) BCJFA Semi Final

Sun 28 Richmond Raiders 42 (away) BCFC Championship


2nd PLace
Regular Season Record
9 games, 7 wins, 2 losses
2-1 play-offs
MVP Al Walls / Gary Handley / Brian Soucie
Top Rookie Rick Hildred
Scoring Leader Grey Holomay

The Sun captured its first conference title with a 27-11 road win over the Richmond Raiders. The next step would be the first on prairie ground in Edmonton. The Wildcats scored on the last play of the game to edge the Sun 29-28. The Cats went on to win the national title a week later. Again the Sun could only agonize how close they had come.

Sun 35 Renfrew Trojans 12 (home)

Sun 11 Richmond Raiders 20 (away)

Sun 23 Vancouver Meralomas 3 (home)

Sun 17 Renfrew Trojans 10 (away)

Sun 32 Richmond Raiders 21 (home)

Sun 23 Richmond Raiders 34 (away)

Sun 43 Renfrew Trojans 14 (home)

Sun 45 Vancouver Meralomas 3 (home)

Sun 55 Vancouver Merlomas 33 (away)

Sun 37 Renfrew Trojans 7 (home) BCJFA Semi Final

Sun 27 Richmond Raiders 11 (home) BCJFA Championship

Sun 28 Edmonton Wildcats 29 (away) Western Canadian Championship


1st Place
Regular Season Record
9 games, 7 wins, 2 losses
0-1 play-offs
Head Coach
MVP: Al Walls
Scoring Leader: Bill Long
Top Rookie: Kelly Holhman

The Sun turned the corner faster than anyone; perhaps even them selves imagined possible. With the arrival of a scrambling QB from California by the name of Al Walls, the Sun offense took shape. The team finished first in the conference, before losing to the Renfrew Trojans in the title game at the Apple Bowl. Renfrew then went on to capture the national championship. Oh so close to winning a national championship in only it's second season.

Sun 23 Richmond Raiders 7 (home)

Sun 21 Vancouver Merlomas 18 (away)

Sun 44 Renfrew Trojans 11 (home)

Sun 15 Richmond Raiders 9 (away)

Sun 19 Vancouver Meralomas 4 (home)

Sun 7 Richmond Raiders 24 (home)

Sun 32 Renfrew Trojans 34 (away)

Sun 34 Vancouver Meralomas 6 (home)

Sun 36 Renfrew Trojans 16 (away)

Sun 8 Renfrew Trojans 22 (home) BCJFA Championship


4th Place
Regular Season Record
9 games, 2 wins, 5 losses, 2 ties
Did not qualify for play offs

Head Coach
MVP:Bill Long
Scoring Leader: Bill Long
The club would endure growing pains typical of a first year franchise, but at the same time, played well enough to make to rest of the conference take notice. The two ties the club had were both 17-17 all against the team that would go on to win the conference, the Richmond Raiders. As of the end of the 2004 season, this would also be the last time the Sun did not make the play-offs. Kicker/receiver Bill Long was recognized as the team's first MVP, while also capturing the honor at the league level.

Sun 3 Renfrew Trojans 29 (away)

Sun 11 Vancouver Meralomas 25 (home)

Sun 17 Richmond Raiders 17 (away)

Sun 24 Vancouver Meralomas 12 (away)

Sun 20 Renfrew Trojans 4 (home)

Sun 17 Richmond Raiders 17 (home)

Sun 17 Vancouver Meralomas 18 (home)

Sun 11 Renfrew Trojans 22 (away)

Sun 6 Richmond Raiders 54 (away)